Trolls and taverns

May 25th

The guild was approached by a young man named Mektor, who invited them to lunch on the behest of his master, Arthur Crabshaw. After accepting the invitation and doing a little resupplying, the team arrived at Crabshaw’s home. They were greeted by Crabshaw and Lord Gallicus Faraday, who explained that Faraday was having Crabshaw build a castle on an island a short distance away. The team agreed to vanquish the monsters on the island to make it safe for the builders. Ros found a vendor of poisons with Boar’s help, but decided to find some for himself, and spent the two weeks they decided on to use to outfit searching for poisons in the wild, and was quite successful in that regard. Meanwhile, Arlenus visited the only survivor of the prior attempts to clear the island in the insanitarium that he was held in, and managed to convince him to talk enough to tell them that the island “deserved its name”. After sneaking into and researching in the royal library, they prepared to fight Arrowhawks. Boar found Balasar in a tavern by the docks, and out of gratitude for the service rendered to him by Boar and Galahaul, he agreed to take them to the island. They traveled to the island, endured an attack by part of the colony of arrowhawks that nested on the island, and made it to the island proper. They camped on the beach, and then Ros began to track. He discovered a bat cave, which they lit on fire, and then fought the remaining inhabitants of. They proceeded to use the cave as a base of operations to fight the remaining monsters. While out scouting, however, Arlenus was faced by an Eladrin riding a griffon. The Eladrin did not speak any language that Arlenus could understand, and attacked her. She wrestled the griffon to the ground and killed the eladrin, and then shouldered the body of the eladrin and tried to escape. The griffon was in hot pursuit when she was joined by Boar, and together they killed the griffon. After several other battles, the group reached the top of the mountain that the island was centered around, and discovered a crashed airship in a caldera. A large group of Yuan-Ti cultists were climbing around the airship. The group decided that they needed to know more, and led a group of the cultists into an ambush in the woods. They took the leader of the group that followed them captive, and brought him to their cave to interrogate him.


Genome Genome

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