Having spent his entire life as a stormsoul, Krizath has learned to control the his inner chaos to some extent. He finds that sudden outbursts don't get him as far in life as he would like.


HP: 101 STR: 20 (+5) CON: 16 (+3) DEX: 15 (+2) INT: 22 (+6) WIS: 13 (+1) CHA: 12 (+1)

AC: 28 Fort: 22 Ref: 21 Will: 18

Initiative: 9 Speed: 7

Equipment- Magic longsword +3: Attack mod-10 damage: 1d8 Earth hide Armor of resistance +3

Skills- Acrobatics: 7 Arcana: 16 Athletics: 15 Bluff: 6 Diplomacy: 6 Dungeoneering: 6 Endurance: 15 Heal: 6 History: 16 Insight: 6 Intimidate: 6 Nature: 8 Perception: 6 Religion: 11 Stealth: 7 Streetwise: 6 Thievery: 7


Born in Airspur to two stormsoul parents, Krizath lived a somewhat troubled childhood. His mother, Kureyna, also took on a second manifestation of wind, supporting her lightheartedness. His father, Flaxion, on the other hand, manifested fire when he was able. His hot tempered tendencies added to the stress in the house.

Krizath’s best friend, Fwehashi, a windsoul, helped him cope with his troubles. She was very smart and also helped Krizath with his studies, though he didn’t need a lot. The pressure from his father to outdo the school had no little effect on him. Both friends graduated early, Fwehashi 1st in the class, Krizath 3rd. When his father heard about his less than perfect success, he reprimanded Krizath in a fit of fire manifestation.

That night, Krizath ran away.


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